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■ Vision
Fighting for a lifetime to manufacture the first-class machine tools and provide first-class service,
★ To be a company with customers' satisfaction, a company with employees' satisfaction, and a company that has contributions to society.
★ Let all personnel involved in the manufacturing, selling, servicvicing and using of machine tools enjoy the happiness brought by Cur products.
■ Objectives
★ To be the first-class machinery brand in China.
★ To be a first-class servicing and manufacturing enterprise in China.
■ Social Responsibility
★ Always follow the lead of CCP. Always abide by the rules and abide by the law.
★ Let every employee creates higher social value.
★ Let every TOPZEN customers feel the happiness brought by products and services from time to time.
★ Let loyal employees and their families can always feel the yearning and happiness of the work.

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