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★ The complete variety of additional heads provides you with more flexible processing capabilities. 

★ The joint surface of the additional head and the head cover are all manually hand-cut and the Japanese-made crank tooth clutch is used for precise positioning. 

★ The automatic head attachment is adopted, and the additional heads can be controlled by programs. According to the different types of models, various types can be provided. Header library system.

★ The X.Y.Z three-axis uses precision large-diameter lead screws and applies appropriate pre-tensioning.

★ Z axis adopts hydraulic counterweight design.

★ Super large column and pillar box structure support, stable body structure, good overall rigidity, superior heavy cutting capacity, high precision, large
Power, high torque spindle.

★ Worktable will not be biased due to the worktable floating when it is fully supported in the full travel design.

★ The Y-axis stroke lengthening design of all models ensures that when the side milling head is used, the same design width can be achieved.

★ All spindle head casting faces are pre-assembled with side milling head interface, and can be equipped with automatic, semi-automatic side milling heads.




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